What is an ADA Stake Pool?

A stake pool is a group of stakeholders represented by a node operating on the Cardano network running the Ouroboros protocol. When a node is elected as a slot leader it can listen to transactions on the network and write a new block of those transactions and sign the block with its secret key. Once the block is written the node is awarded with ADA and the awarded ADA is distributed amongst the stake holders in the pool. The more ADA is staked to the pool the more often the pool is elected as a slot leader.

Why stake with ADAStakePool?

ADAStakePool core nodes are placed strategically throughout the globe and are interconnected using dedicated circuits. We have designed our stake pool node network to deliver unmatchable performance. Once all stake pools go live, users will be able to monitor our pool’s performance. We will, additionally, post our performance on this site.

Safety of your ADA coins in our Staking Pool

ADA staking is based on the Ouroboros protocol which is the first provably secure Proof-Of-Stake blockchain protocol. Once you delegate your stake in our pool you can use your dadelus wallet to transfer to another stake pool or stop staking and use your ADA anytime. Due to the nature of Ouroboros, we cannot spend the coins that you have delegated to our pool.