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ADAStakePool will be a premier, globally available, stake pool once the Cardano Project’s Shelley release goes live. The Shelley release is the critical release for Cardano that introduces decentralised management and the open Ouroboros delegation. After this release, users with ADA will be able to participate in the first provably secure Proof-of-Stake settlement algorithm allowing the Cardano project to grow into a fully decentralised and autonomous system.

ADAStakePool Advantages

ADAStakePool is operated out of the Tokyo Metropolitan area and ADAStakePool core nodes are placed strategically throughout the globe and are interconnected using dedicated circuits. We have designed our stake pool node network to deliver unmatchable performance. With our 40 years of commercial network and service provider experience, we have partnered with Tier 1 carrier partners to design a fully redundant network.

ADAStakePool is unique not only in its high availability design, but also we offer personalized support to those who have questions on how the staking process works or users who just want a little bit more information before staking with us.